Kian Baspar Company started its activity in 1998 with the production of industrial products, especially in automotive parts. After many years of experience in manufacturing industrial products and equipping mold making department, the company has been producing toys and educational entertainment for children since 2009 and will eventually launch its new products in 2011 with the brand name “Kimdi”. All our purpose is to produce high quality products with universal standards under the advice of child care specialists. Also by creating Kimdiland and Kimdi characters besides making entertainment for the children, we want to send the message of Kimdi which is peace and friendship for all children around the world. And finally, we hope that all our efforts will be well received by the audience and consumers, and they will support us by introducing our products to others. Another of our products is the birthday candle that has been introduced with the brand name “Brilliant” since 2014. Kian Baspar is currently looking to develop the candle production line and we are always introducing new models to the market and we intend to offer our products with high quality and reasonable prices to our customers.

Kimdi Has a big hear for you

In our opinion, Kimdi is not a toy! Is a brand with a series of products, with a message of peace and happiness, and we want to send this message from Kimdi which representing Iranian children to all children all over the world. We want the children of today, who are the future makers of our beloved country, to make their world a finer, happier and less violent future, and Kimdi is an excuse to instill this culture. And our colleagues at Kian Baspar Company offer their work with the best of love and respect to our beloved compatriots and other children of the world.

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